About t2srilanka

Most People think that their vacation starts when get aboard the plane to their destination. At t2srilanka, we believe that it starts the moment you pick your phone to call us. Ours is a premier travel agency selling all the standard travel products and services that includes customised travel packages as well as specialized ticketing services. In addition to these, various other special services are also included such as passport assistance, better entertainment activities, appropriate accommodation, as well as better terrains and activities. Our knowledge and expertise come hand in hand with these services thus guaranteeing you competitive package rates and special focus on your needs thus translating into an increased satisfaction level for customer.

Our vast experience with major business corporations and their travelling requirements helps us in addressing your trip concerns effectively. In fact, we pride ourselves on taking that ‘extra mile’ for our customers. Anything and everything is arranged by us to make your trip as smooth as possible- rail passage reservations, car rentals, lodging reservations, customized packages as well as pre arranged group tours, everything is included.

In order to provide the best possible service to all our clients, we have integrated all travel components within our database management system. This information can broadly be classified into two categories:

Our Objective:

With real time actual data from destinations spread all over the island of Sri Lanka, we have perfected the art of providing best day to day travel services to our customers. We have developed coordinates that help us in managing the art of destination management to the fullest. These include human talent pool, infrastructure, local language expertise as well as local expertise. We are also in process of building coordinates for travel business that help in the economic development of the destination involved. Thus, if summarized in a nutshell, our objective is to provide all our travellers and travel agents with all the information they may and may not need with regards to the real life day to day situations of Sri Lanka.

Distribution Strategy:

Our strategy regarding the distribution of our travel services involves focus on the destination in terms of both national as well as international travel. We also aim to establish a prominent presence in the Sri Lankan as well as the international community through different channels of media.


The systems at T2srilanka run on state of the art technology that includes tools to effectively monitor each and every component of travel plans. This helps us in increasing the speed and efficiency with which we communicate with our suppliers and customers. Our unique operating strategy and supplier choice also helps us in ensuring that we keep in line with the objectives that we have set for ourselves.


T2srilanka has established efficient working relations with some of the best providers of travel products and services. In fact, many major ticketing agencies, international and national hotel chains, professionally renowned transporters and airlines as well as locally efficient travel agents have been chosen after tough screening process to be our partners. We continuously evaluate all the sourcing jobs closely so as to make minimal hassle for our customers. Our constant attentions helps us in taking advantage of all the trade shows, travel industry publications as well as other industry related information portals, thus helping us in continuous monitoring of all our suppliers.

Competitive Comparison

Today’s travel agency market has become highly competitive with internet changing the curse of action of most of the travel agencies completely. This includes the CRS systems too aka Computerized Reservation Systems. Internet, today, offers a wide range of travel related information at your tips thus making the destination research much more efficient and easier. This has also resulted in increasing the competition as well as the number of travel options that an agent gives to his or her customer. It also helps in carrying out the back office operations, client relationship management and supply chain management in a better way. T2srilanka ensures that it stays ahead of its competitors by heavily investing in its information technology infrastructure while continuously monitoring all its offerings.  


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