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Do I need a VISA to enter Sri Lanka?

Yes, if you intend to visit Sri Lanka on a business trip or a vacation, you are required to file for Visa. If it is a short visit, you can get an Electronic Travel Authorization before your arrival.

What is ETA?

ETA or Electronic Travel Authorization is an official authorization process issued online by the Sri Lankan authorities. It is issued to all travellers visisting the country for business, vacation or in transit. You do not require any document, passport copy or photograph for the same. It is issued to all at the port of entry of visiting the island nation. 

Who all require ETA?

Nationals of all countries except Maldives and Singapore are required to obtain ETA for visiting Sri Lanka.

What are the commonly understood languages of Sri Lanka?

Tamil and Sinhalese are the most commonly spoken languages of Sri Lanka. However, English too is generally understood by most people and is used in all major hotels, restaurants and shops. However, as we go off the beaten track, knowledge of the same relatively gets lower.

What is the country code of Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka’s country calling code is 94. If you are calling a mobile number call the same after dialling 94.

Is Sri Lanka safe to travel?

Said to be one of the most picturesque destinations of the world, Sri Lanka is a safe vacation place for all. Considered to be one of the most ‘un-spoilt’ destinations of asia, the country receives record number of tourists every year who leave after having an unforgettable experience on their vacation.

What type of food is eaten in Sri Lanka?

Most of the Sri Lankan dishes are based on rice, fish, and lots of vegetables and fruits. The food of the country has been influenced by a large number of invaders and traders visiting the country since ancient times- Indians, Malay, Arabs, Dutch, Portuguese, and English. Though a little piquant for foreign tastes, Sri Lankan food is quite good making your trip a journey of culiniary discovery.

What about the drinks available?

Sri Lanka is famous for producing ‘Ceylon Tea’, the finest tea in the world. Take a sip of the same or sample the local coffee that is a little on stronger side but is still quite popular. Do not forget to sample the fresh fruit juices of the area. In addition, Sri Lanka has its own version of beer known as Toddy and Areck. Toddy is derived from palm trees while Areck is the refined and fermented form of Toddy.

Can I smoke in Public?

No, liquor and smoking in public is prohibited in Sri Lanka. This ban includes all enclosed public places such as clubs and restaurants. However, you can find regular comfort stops to alleviate the craving.

What is the currency of Sri Lanka?

National currency of Sri Lanka is Rupee or Re. However, most of the hotels and larger accommodations quote the price in dollars and then deal with rupee at the current exchange rates.

Are Credit cards accepted?

Most of the major establishments as well as those in small towns accept credit cards. The two most widely used cards are Visa and Mastercard.

What sort of clothes should I pack for my vacation?

Sri Lanka has a warm tropical temperature. So you are recommended to carry lightweight light collared clothes best suited for the weather. However, if you are heading towards hilly areas, pack in some warm clothes as the weather tends to get a little chilly in the evening.

What are the common dos and donts when visiting and interacting with locals?

Always use your right hand when eating as well as when greeting any locals. Left hand is considered unclean by most. Also, respect the cultural differences of the region and try not to change them to suit your own benefit. Try and fulfil your environmental responsibility by avoiding the use of plastic bags as well as taking your own bags for shopping.

What is the emergency number of Sri Lanka?

Though there is no police emergency service for complete country, while in Colombo, you can dial 119 for any kind of emergency. The number will connect you to Colombo emergency control that takes care of all types of emergencies whether man made or natural.

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