Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka- The land of unexplored attractions !!!

Temples, wildlife sanctuaries, unforgettable sceneries and memorable cultural highlights....These are the things waiting for you on your trip to Sri Lanka. The country is rich in culture and history with ample reasons that can draw the eye of even the most seasoned traveller. In addition to this, the country is rich in diversity with supposedly more festivals than any other country in the world that bring the pace of life at a grinding halt with a disconcerting frequency. 

Though the island is small in size, it is a beautiful place that has found its way onto many mythological and literary scriptures of India, Egypt and Greece where the place is known by various names such as Lanka, Serendib or Tacropane. Even though it is considered as an important Buddhist center of worship, Sri Lanka is a multi religious and multi ethnic nation. It is also a tourist’s paradise what with its wonderful white beaches, lush green forested hills, majestic falling waterfalls, colourful coral reefs, beautiful tea gardens, exciting wildlife and interesting historic sites along with the religious pilgrimages for all religions. In addition, the country has an exotic cuisine that is a delight to sample.

With a documented history spanning a total of 3000 years, the island of Sri Lanka was of great strategic importance due to its location on the ancient Silk Road. Famous as the “Pearl of Indian Ocean” because of its natural beauty, the place is sometimes also referred to as ‘The Teardrop of India” or “The nation of smiling people” because of its location and people. Home to as many as six heritage sites, Sri Lanka is a delight to visit whether on a honeymoon, adventure tour or in a group. 

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