Online Hotel Bookings

With the inflation riding high on every person’s mind, Sri Lanka is fast becoming a favoured destination among tourists from around the world who want a taste of natural beauty mixed in with historic attractions. The low cost of living in Lanka makes the place an attractive alternative to some of its more expensive places. T2srilanka offers you a one stop destination where you can choose and book your hotel or guest house from the comforts of your house and as per your choice.


Our list of accommodations is quite exhaustive including choices suitable for both – those looking for a luxurious experience as well as those looking to travel on a budget. Our choices offer the best of Sri Lankan hospitality at great rates all over the island such as Colombo, Kandy, Sirigiriya, Ratnapura, and other attractions. In fact, we encourage you to choose your tour as per your requirements where you get to make a choice of the accommodation, the cities you want to visit, your choice of transportation, as well as the duration of your trip.


Our premium booking portals allows you to choose the room of your choice at great promotional prices. Our partner hotels include top high end hotel chains to budget class hotels. These include ITC Maurya, Taj chain of hotels, Holiday inn as well as various other five star luxury hotels. Get an experience of lifetime when you visit this small yet attractive island country with t2srilanka, your friend for all your travel needs.