Sri Lanka - A World of its own

Sri Lanka- the land of unexplored destinations.

This place has lured and seduced travellers from rround the world for centuries. Located just above the Equator amidst the balmy waters of Indian Ocean, the country has a legendary reputation for its natural beauty and its palm fringed shores. The beauty of the place has inspired many a poets who have compared the outline of the island with a teardrop in the ocean. In fact, many other romantically inclined geographers have compared it to the shape of pearl and in the case of Dutch, comparable to a leg of the ham. The island is a total package of extraordinary places all within its modest dimensions lapped by the Indian Ocean. With over two thousand years of recorded history, the place tells the story of the remarkable achievements of the early Sinhalese civilization that can still gazed upon in the form of ruined cities and religious monuments that are present in every nook and corner of the island.